A bit about me...

Hey guys, I’m Samantha and I’m on a mission to help children and young people everywhere realise their true value and worth. To help them grow in confidence and self esteem, learn to persevere, overcome challenges, unlock their potential and purpose and improve their mental and emotional wellbeing.
Why? Because growing up my school life wasn’t the greatest. I was the only non white kid in my whole school, labelled the class geek and fatty, and had a bunch of teachers who taught me it was wrong and stupid to cry or express emotion, teachers who told me I wasn’t good enough for the things I dreamed. This later resulted in me suffering with crippling low self esteem, anorexia, anxiousness and panic attacks for almost a decade of my adult life.
I know first hand how it feels to think you’re worthless and not good enough, but I also know first hand how incredible and life changing it is to realise your worth and potential. How freeing it is to love, accept and believe in yourself and I want every child and young person to feel this so they’ll never have to go through what I did.
Drawing from my own experiences and a decade of working in education, worldwide youth restorative projects and creative arts, I developed my book, Born to be Awesome and visit schools delivering assemblies, workshops and lectures. My aim is that both my book and visits give children the tools to succeed in life, and help them see that no matter what others, or the world may tell them, they are one of a kind, loved, valued, have a purpose and they are Born to be Awesome.