Born to be Awesome

“In a world where children are under increasing pressure to fit a prescribed mould of what society considers to be ‘perfect’, Born to be Awesome is a veritable ray of sunshine that teaches children not only is it OK to be yourself, but it is in fact awesome…” Corinne Ginty, teacher
Have you ever been concerned about the self-esteem and mental emotional wellbeing of the children you work with? Ever wanted to do something about it but not been quite sure how? Then Born to be Awesome is for you.
Drawing from years of experience working in education and worldwide youth restorative projects, I’ve put together this incredible collection of 8 super fun, easy, interactive, engaging and flexible lesson plans. Each one is jam packed with inspiring and confidence building games, discussions, activities, assembly ideas and resources; all designed to gently teach children (and maybe even yourself) how awesome, valuable and one of a kind we all are.
Explaining how to let go of comparison, celebrate differences and be kind, handle worry and emotions, develop a positive mindset, embrace mistakes and persevere, dream big and live boldly, this isn’t just a book, it’s an invitation to shape the future. So come and be a part of this self-worth, wellness and kindness revolution, you know you want to!
Oh and it also has encouragements and well being challenges for you, the wonderful adult, plus the script to the amazing “ I am one of a kind” play, so you and your kids can showcase your awesomeness to the world.
Treat yourselves to it, here.