“A very uplifting and motivational lecture. Samantha captivated the audience with her energy and positivity, and shared three tips which I am certain will resonate with many of our students and teachers alike” N. Gridelli, Head of Sixth Form  •  “We are very grateful to Samantha for her honest and heart-felt talk and for such an encouraging positive timely message on the eve of exam week. We’ve already booked her for next year” N. Gridelli, Head of Sixth Form  •  “The students haven’t stopped talking about her lecture.” K. Lewis, Assistant Head  •  “Most speakers try to be “down with the kids” but Samantha was just herself, so honest and authentic- it was inspiring. She’s a bit of an icon amongst the sixth formers now” Georgie, Sixth form student  •  “I kept thinking about the things she’d said during our exam week and it gave me more confidence and kept me calm. It helped me alot” Ellie, Sixth form student  •  “Thank you for teaching me how to be strong and brave” Ishmael, Year 2  •  “Thank you for showing me I am one of a kind and am awesome the way I am” Ekram, Year 2  •  “Samantha’s workshop was amazing. So encouraging, fun and uplifting and really relevant on how best to help the kids of today. It was so good I loved it” Rachel, Kids and youth worker  •  “Everyone loved Samantha’s workshop. They all wanted more and said it was their favourite part of the day” Faith Dore, Head of youth ministry  • 

School visits

I LOVE visiting schools and spreading my Born to be Awesome messages to your wonderful children and young people. I deliver fun, interactive, inspiring, motivational and uplifting assemblies, workshops and lectures for children in KS1 all the way through to Sixth form, tailoring my presentation and delivery to suit your needs.
I also do sessions for all you incredible teachers and youth leaders too.

Assemblies and workshops KS1, KS2 and year 7

  • I am one of a kind: helping children realise their originality and worth
  • Same but different: helping children look beyond colour and outward appearances and how to let go of comparison
  • Don’t worry be happy: handling worry and emotions in a healthy way and looking at self care
  • Shake it off and step up: learning about perseverance, embracing mistakes and overcoming challenges
  • Dream big: overcoming fear and looking at potential

Assembly/ lecture KS3, KS4 and Sixth form

  • Born to be Awesome-sharing my own journey from struggle to victory focusing on three key points- knowing your worth, choosing what defines you, overcoming challenges and failure and dreaming big

INSET day, training sessions: Teacher and youth leaders

  • Morale booster – focusing on the importance of what you do and why you do it. Realising and celebrating YOUR own value and worth and what you bring to your children and your team
  • Wellbeing – looking at how to overcome worry and stress and tips and exercises on practising self care
  • Inspirational – sharing my own journey from struggle to victory focusing on three key points – knowing your worth, choosing what you let define you and overcoming challenges and failures
  • Presenting perfection – learn more about the heart and purpose behind my book, gain advice and confidence in delivering and adapting the lessons, and your own assemblies, presentations and talks too

Bespoke sessions

  • I love helping equip children, schools and youth ministries in any way I can, so if you’d like me to create a package of workshops or assemblies for you, tailor make a workshop to suit you/your children’s needs please let me know.

So excited to hear from you

Drop me a message here: [email protected]